Basic Email

Best for companies and business owners starting out their venture. Easy to setup and affordable email service with secure POP and IMAP connections included.

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Basic Email

Basic Email

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Basic Email Features

Email Hosting gives you the ability to use POP or IMAP connections on your email software, webmail and smartphones with maximum uptime and deliverability.

24x7 Friendly Local UAE Support

Business Email

Stand out from the crowd. When doing business, make sure you are using an email with your brand.

Reliable Server Infrastructure

Easy Email Access

Email Hosting comes with a very easy to access webmail interface where you can login even on the go.

One Click Apps Installation

Automatic Setup

No need to memorize your incoming and outgoing servers when setting up your email. Just enter the username and password and your email will do the rest.

Hight End & Enchanced Security

Email Security

With SSL connection for your emails, you can be assured that all your email connection is safe. SpamAssassin also included.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Basic Email Hosting?

Email Hosting is a service provided by Al Hosting that allows you to easily create, setup, and use business email with your brand. This allows you to connect to any email software using POP or IMAP connection.

Can I use POP or IMAP connection?

Absolutely! Email Hosting allows you to use any of the two for your email setup and connection.

Do I need a domain name to use this service?

Yes, if you haven't already. We suggest getting a domain name now to be able to use this service.

Do you have questions?
Feel free to send us a message.