Premium Domains

What are Premium Domains?

Premium website names are previously registered domain names and are listed for sale by the owner in notable domain marketplaces.

Why Register a Premium Domain Name?

Premium website domain names are very popular because it can help you boost and secure your branding. They are also very easy to search online because these are mostly dictionary words domain names.

What are Premium Domains

Benefits of Premium Domain

Easy Retention

Easy Retention

With a premium website name that's easy to remember, it can be a great marketing tool for your business.

Boost Branding

Boost Branding

Provides huge opportunity to maximize branding and identity efforts.

Client Confidence

Client Confidence

This is great when your logo has your company's initials because it will show people that you have invested properly for your brand.

Value of Investment

Value of Investment

With a marketable premium website name, it provides a huge value for a potential resell.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are premium domain names worth it?

Premium domain names are worth it if you are serious about establishing your brand. It can be pricey but it solidify your brand and existence online, plus it increases client confidence.

Why are Premium domains expensive?

Premium domains ranges from $500 and above because these domains were previously registered and setup for sale on marketplaces. These ranges from name capitalization to dictionary word domains and most of them already have a great domain ranking because of its age.

If I purchase a Premium domain name, will the renewal amount be the same?

The renewal amount after 1 year of premium domain names will go back to its original price which is almost 1000x lower than your purchase price.

Is it guaranteed that the domain will be mine after purchase?

Yes. For as long as you meet the price that was asked by the seller.

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