The WHOIS network protocol offers the possibility to check the status and ownership of a particular domain name. Among the data available and displayed upon request, it displays the name of the current domain owner, contacts and ownership terms - often not shown by default in Saudi Arabia. Such information is provided to the service at the time of domain registration and can be changed by the registrar at the customer's request.

AlHosting company offers services for registration and WHOIS verification. We react quickly to requests and wishes of our clients, help in selecting and purchasing of suitable domain name for the period from 1 year to 10 years. If you have any questions, please contact our managers.

What are Premium Domains

Why Should You Register with WHOIS?

WHOIS protocol is designed to assign a domain name to a specific owner for a specific period of time. It works on the TCP protocol and allows you to quickly identify the necessary information about the owner to establish ownership of the domain.

WHOIS protocol helps to get the following data:

Item 1

Name of the owner of the domain - the name of the company or individual.

Item 2

Contact information for contact, if it is not hidden during registration.

Item 4

IP address details.

Item 3

The length of time the domain name has been owned - in Saudi Arabia, these may often not be displayed due to current privacy laws.

Item 5

A portion of the domain's DNS records.

Item 6

Information about the registrar.

It is worth bearing in mind that the data obtained cannot be used for illegal purposes, nor for spam attacks on the organisation.

What is Required to Register a Domain in WHOIS

As this protocol is compiled when registering a domain name in the .sa zone, it requires a standard set of information from the customer:

  • The presence of a trusted person in Saudi Arabia or a company representative in the country;
  • Existence of a trademark or authorisation to provide services in the country;
  • Compliance of the customer's product or service with applicable laws.

It takes at least 1 week to register a domain in Saudi Arabia. You will be able to check the .sa WHOIS after the successful completion of this procedure has been reported. When ordering this work from us, you can count on the ongoing support of our managers.

Features of Using WHOIS Service

If you want to order a Saudinic WHOIS verification in the company AlHosting, you should be aware that there are some subtleties in using this protocol:


The data displayed is informative only and cannot be used for any other purpose.


If the data displayed in WHOIS is incorrect or inaccurate, it can be replaced by your registrar. In particular, AlHosting clients may contact our managers to clarify the changes. It is worth bearing in mind that if your contact details or the name of the owner change, it is advisable to notify us in advance.

WHOIS verification

The WHOIS verification as well as the completion of this protocol is carried out by our services in the shortest possible time.

Checked WHOIS .sa

WHOIS .sa is checked during the registration of the domain - this allows us to find a current name for your site. If the original variant is busy, we will help you choose the most suitable replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the registration/expiry date of the .sa domain name?

The SaudiNIC whois service does not display the registration, renewal & expiry dates of the domain names. If you are the owner of the domain name, you can find out this data in the control panel of your domain name registrar (in your Al Hosting client area if your domain name is registered with us).

What is the link for the .SA domain name WHOIS?

You can check the WHOIS information for your .SA Domain here https://secure.nic.sa/whois?lang=en

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