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Are there any requirements when registering a .sa domain?

Standard requirements apply for the purchase and registration of domain names in Saudi Arabia. The purchase is available to individuals, legal entities and their legal representatives. An authorised representative or representative office in the country is required. There are also a number of restrictions due to current legislation, which can be clarified by our managers before ordering the service.

Why buy a domain or hosting in Saudi Arabia?

By buying an AlHosting hosting or domain in Saudi Arabia, you make it easier for yourself to connect with potential customers and clients. Websites hosted in the .sa zone are more trusted by the local population and are displayed in higher positions by the search engines. It is also a way of communicating the security of a website to customers.

How much can I buy an AlHosting Saudi Arabia domain?

At AlHosting, you can buy domain name in Saudi Arabia for between 1 year and 10 years. The standard domain is purchased for one year and renewed annually, but you can choose a more convenient option. Renewal documents must be submitted at least one month before the registration expires.

Which CMSes does AlHosting work with?

You can host your projects on different CMS in our hosting in Saudi Arabia. You can ask our managers for details and they will help you to choose an optimal package according to your requirements.

What is the difference between paid and free hosting?

There are two main differences between the paid hosting in Saudi Arabia and the free one:

  • High level of protection of your data from theft, DDoS attacks. 
  • A wide range of value-added services that not all organizations provide. In addition, we guarantee ongoing support to our customers and stay in touch with them at all times.

When you choose Saudi hosting you can count on fast connection speeds and fast access to your site.

What kind of projects can I host?

Hosting in Saudi Arabia from our company can be used to host websites of any focus and size as well as web applications and other content. In addition, our services can be used to organize internal document flow in your company if you do not have your own servers.

How long does it take to renew the selected domain?

The standard term is 30-40 days, so it is advisable to apply in advance.

Is it possible to have a Trustee service in .sa?

This service is available if a short-term or temporary domain name registration is required. It is specified individually in each case.

Are there any requirements for the number and type of characters in a domain name?

There are a number of basic rules relevant to sites of different purposes, which must be met by registered domain names:

  • Be between 3 and 63 characters long.
  • Begin and end with a letter or number of the Latin alphabet - dashes, colons and other characters are not allowed.
  • There can be no spaces in the title.
  • Also, you cannot put a dash as the third character.

How long does it take to confirm domain name registration in Saudi Arabia?

As a standard, with a properly completed application, the review and approval period takes no more than 1 week.